West TX Aoudad Hunts
This is considered by most that have done it to be the most awesome hunting all of Texas, or even the country, has to offer! These sheep are originally from North Africa but have been free ranging in the west TX high desert since the 1940's and they fit right in on the cliff walls and mountain slopes!
 We will be hunting on 100% free range, rugged, big sky country. We will do a lot of glassing and spot-n-stalking on this hunt. You can expect to see herds from a few sheep to herds with dozens of sheep in them.
 Included is lodging, all meals, guide/s, 1 Trophy Aoudad, 1 Javelina, Predators and cleaning of your kills. 
 Just bring your hunting gear and lets hunt!!

Call, text or email me anytime for prices, more info or to book a hunt!
Matt 817-903-0350