Here's just a few testimonials straight from 4PinesRanch  hunters. Feel free to ask me anytime for references!

Ken L. 8/19/17 
Howdy Matt. We're back home again in Indiana. We had a great time and look forward to coming back. Take care.

Jared W. 2/11/17 St Louis MO
We had a great time at 4Pines Ranch. The cabin was nice and clean. Laid back atmosphere and our guide was great. We had a fun trip and will be back.

Dakota 5/22/16
Great hog hunt! We killed 3 hogs, from 178lbs to 218lbs. We also saw deer, varmints and even a bobcat. Matt has a great operation here an we'd love to come back!

Rob 1/8/16 MI
Fun place to get away with some buddies and go hunting. Matt and his dad are great people, treated us like family. I'm looking forward to more hunts with Matt.

Jason H. 12/12/15 IL
Matt is an EXCELLENT host, going above and beyond the call of duty on several occasions to help our group. Our hunt was thoroughly enjoyable even though the weather didn't cooperate the entire time. The cabin area is perfect to unwind after a long hunt, and the campfire area is awesome! The hot shower in the cabin was just what the Dr. ordered! We look forward to another hunt with Matt at 4 Pines Ranch!

Neal R. 5/29/14 MO
 Our group of 7 from Michigan had a great time hog hunting at 4 Pines Ranch! We had a bad experience in Missouri in 2013 and didn't know what to expect. I had a large herd of 30+ hogs go past my blind one evening. I should of had 4 hogs but got one. It was a real rush and the most exciting hunting experience that I have ever had! The blinds were very comfortable. Matt is so accommodating and such a nice guy. Matt knew when the hogs were mostly active and so we hunted those hours. We had a blast and will definitely be coming back. Thanks, Matt.

Jason Y. 5/15/14 MO
 My group and I had a wonderful experience at 4 Pines Ranch last week! Our guide, Matt, is top notch and treats you right. There are hogs all over the property, along with deer and coyotes, and the place is very well taken care of. Do yourself a favor and book with him.

John T. 3/30/14 MN
 This was our third time at 4 Pines Ranch, and as usual it was our favorite time of the year! The location of the ranch is beautiful wooded Texas country. Matt has always been an excellent guide. He always has great advice to offer, and has been readily available at any time! (literally 24 hours of the day) The hunting blinds are all up-to-date and comfortable enough for 2 people to maneuver in easily. The time and effort Matt puts in is A+. We will be seeing him again next year!

S & C Jasper. 8/7/13​ TX
 This was our first time at 4 Pines Ranch. Matt was very accommodating and laid back. He showed us around the ranch and told us which blinds were the best to hunt. He offered his services but didn't smother us and allowed us to do our own thing (which we like). We had a great time. We saw several coyotes, and ended up shooting a big boar!

Christian S. 6/10/13 CO
 We wanted to find somewhere surrounded by nature and while populated with boar would not be a shooting gallery. After a lot of research and comparison we decided to go with 4pines. This hunt was everything we wanted and more. The price, location, and most importantly the service are impossible to beat.
 Matt was *always* available to us for location advice, driving us to/from hunting areas, etc. At the same time he was never in the way and is as hands off or on as you would like him to be. It's easy to tell that this is what he loves to do and he truly cares about providing you with the best experience he can!
  The wildlife is all over the place at 4pines -- deer, boar, rabbit, raccoon, armadillo, etc. 
  All of the blinds are well positioned and easily the most comfortable blinds I have ever hunted in.
  When we do go back to Texas we'll be looking to hunt with Matt again.

Steve N. 4/11/13 MN
 Well another successful year at 4 pines ranch, This is my 5th year and what a year it usual, Matt did everything to get us on hogs...and what a job he did....I got a record book boar!....could not be happier!....great times with good friends....we will see you next year. Thanks, Matt!

Jesse C. 11/23/12 TX
 4 pines is a great place to hunt and I highly recommend it to anyone looking! Lots of deer and Hogs there and I will be booking another hunt soon! Thanks Matt for your hospitality and we had a blast, and look forward to coming back!

Troy M. 4/20/12 MN
 What a great hunting trip! Everything you could ask for plus more. Matt really takes care of you and does everything he can do to make sure every person in the hunting party is successful! I can't wait to get back and hunt & fish at 4 pines ranch!

D Henderson. 4/10/12 TX
 It's our 3rd year hunting 4PinesRanch. This last time Matt got me on a big herd of hogs and I got a nice 205 lb boar!  

Scott Owens. 3/5/12 WI
 2nd year here . Success! Love the ranch! Matt does everything to make you as successful as possible. We will be back!

Steve N. 1/8/12 MN
This was our 4th year and its seems that there are more and more pigs!!!! Matt and pops always bend over backwards to get you on hogs whether its 2pm or 2am...and boy did we see hogs..we got 5 should of had 12(so we can't shoot straight)..can't wait til next year...Matt, thanks again for a great time.

Dillon P. 12/28/11 MN
 Great hunting trip. We took four hogs between the two of us. Matt is an awesome guide and very committed to his guests. The cabin and blinds are very comfortable. Over all, trip of a life time. Thanks again.

Derick O. 4/11/11 WI
  What a great hunting opportunity! We had a great time and were treated well by you, Matt. We are currently planning our trip for next year! Scott, Dad and I felt that you did a great job at putting us on some hogs. You and your wife did a great job of helping my brother and I track our pigs! 
Thanks again Matt. I appreciate all you have done...And plan on using you again next year!

Jonathan T. 2/11/11 TX
  Great hunting experience! Lots of wild life: deer, coyotes, wild hogs, small game... I saw it all on my hunt. I was able to hunt from several different stands. The Ranch is well taken care of, with many different blinds to choose from. If you’re looking for a great place to hunt where the ranch owners really care about your hunting experience, this is definitely the ranch for you. Matt went above and beyond to put us on hogs.
 Thanks Matt, It’s nice to know that veterans are still appreciated. I can’t wait to visit again with some of my fellow Marines. First, I have to cook all the meat from our last hunt! Taste great by the way.

Shawn Ferguson. 6/10/10 WY
  Had a great time at 4 pines! Matt was on top of things, and was a wonderful host. Lots of hogs, and lots of opportunities. 4 hogs downed, one over 300 lbs! Will be coming back without a doubt! 

Dan Evans. 5/12/10 MO
  Had an awesome time! 5 pigs down, pretty good odds I would say. Thanks for the great hospitality Matt and family!! Hope to see you guys, gals and pigs later.

Jason B. 4/8/10 MO
 A special thanks to Matt and family for letting us enjoy a great time hunting and staying at the cabin. We are already planning a return trip for next year. I strongly recommend hunting at 4Pines definitely a lot of hogs! A lot of options on blinds to hunt from and great get away just to have fun and enjoy the state of Texas. Thanks again Matt and family! We look forward to seeing you all again.

Chris L. 2/24/10 TX
  I went up there with 3 of my friends, and Matt and David showed us a great time! They are two of the nicest guys I've met and were always willing to help track or skin a pig, even at midnight! We saw plenty of action and it was well worth the trip!

Troy D. 2/3/10 MN
  For the second year in a row we had a blast at 4-pines. Matt and Pops will do everything they can to help ensure a good hunt. Our party filled out with hogs plus we bagged a couple of bobcats and coyotes. The cabin was comfy and had what we needed. We will definitely be making the trip back again next year to do some more hunting.

Isaac C. 6/9/09 TX
  For you hunters looking for a place to hunt, this place is awesome. I strongly suggest it, and plenty of hogs! This trip was the first time my group and i hunted hogs, and because of all the info and tips from the owners my 11 year old nephew was able to take his first hog. Great experience! We will definitely be back for some more.

James S. 6/2/09 TX
  This is a great ranch, I have hunted all over Texas and this ranch is loaded with hogs!!!!! The owners are top notch. It was a pleasure to kill my first wild hog with them. I look forward to going back as soon as i can.
 From: Lancaster, TX