We specialize in free range wild hog hunting. You can hunt with a rifle, 
       shotgun, muzzle, pistol, bow or crossbow. Night hunting, FROM BLINDS, is 
       allowed and recommended. You'll be hunting from blinds overlooking feeders, 
       fields, water, etc. We have approx 350 free-range acres, and many 
       blinds to chose from.  
        Our blinds are set up FOR HUNTERS BY HUNTERS! Our gun blinds 
       are comfortable, roomy enough for two+ hunters and have heaters. We have 
       feeders at each blind, running year around, and many bow blinds in place 
       as well. Our bow blinds range from tripods to tree stands to ground blinds. 
        We never book multiple hunters so your group will have the hunting
       to yourselves!

  • Weekend hunt: $300 each for Friday evening through Sunday noon. 
  • Semi guided. Cabin included.
  • 3 hunter minimum/2 day minimum.
  • Add days to your hunt for $150 a day!
  • Weekday hunts available. $150 each per day (2 day minimum).
  • All deposits are nonrefundable. Cash ONLY for final payment.
  • NO LIMIT on hogs, predators or varmints!
  • Price includes cabin, tracking help (w/blood dog), blind transportation if wanted, etc.
         Tips/Gratuity are very much appreciated and are not included in pricing.
  • There's a cleaning pole w/light near the cabin. $30 each to have your hogs cleaned.
  • We also have some stock ponds and one near the cabin with 
          a dock and light. There are catfish, bass and brim. Catch & release.
  • We have archery targets and a gun range, with a shooting bench, for sighting in.
  • You can use the rifle/caliber of your choice. We recommend a .270 or bigger.

  • I am able to respond faster to emails.

      >Hunting license/Hunters safety
      >Bedding/Pillows/Towels/Paper Towels/Toilet paper
      >Cooler for meat (no walk-in available).
      >Mosquito Repellent 
      >We provide 3 portable red spotlights (bringing your own gun/scope mounted light is highly recommended!).
      >Lighter fluid and charcoal
      >Scent killer spray     

  • ALL pics are of free range kills! Click to enlarge.


Hog Hunts
Note:  I am an official scorer for the WWT Trophy Hog Record Books. I can score your hog on site, and if it scores 400 pts or more, you can be entered into the wild hog record books!
Our hunters cabin: (The hunters cabin is currently being remodeled!) 
40x10+shower, 2 bedroom, kitchen/living area. 6 beds (2 are queens). Shower, Fridge/freezer, microwave, stove top oven, coffeepot, Directv Sat TV, A/C, Heaters. No toilet inside. Regularly maintained PortaJohn out front.
  • You can also hunt hogs on the game fenced pasture of the ranch! This pasture is stocked with wild hogs. You do not pay extra to hunt on this section but hogs harvested there are $1.00/lb.